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Link more contacts to your permit

This new amendment process has been created to allow customers to re-assign Citizen Portal access to additional customers as appropriate for the permit lifecycle. Only customers that are already properly linked to the permit will have access to the Create Amendment option, just like Revisions and TCOs. After logging in to Citizen Access and searching for the record/permit to modify contact associations, customers should select the Create Amendment button as shown below.  The 'Add more People to Application' will display as a new amendment option. If the Create Amendment option is not visible, the logged-in user currently does not have the authorization to make changes to contact relationships within that record.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The Contact information that is provided during this Amendment process will be added to the parent permit.
  • In order for an Individual or Organization to be granted access through this process, they MUST first be an existing customer (Contact) in the Clark County permitting system (Accela) database.
  • Use 'Look Up' to find the Individual or Organization to add, and search by email address. If no matches are found, the email address does not exist in the Accela database and cannot be added using this process.
  • If the email address provided exists in the permit system but is not associated with an active Citizen Access account, a new Citizen Access account will be created for the email address provided at the completion of the Amendment transaction.
  • An email notification will be sent to the added Individual or Organization to let them know that:
    • A new account has been created on their behalf and
    • That account will now have access to the amended permit.
  • No contact information will be changed or removed from the parent permit through this process, only Up to 2 contacts may be added using this Amendment; Applicant/Contact and Additional Contact.
  • There are no fees assessed for this amendment.

Financial Guidelines

The following guidelines are applicable to credit card and trust account payments:

Credit Card Payment  Replenishing your Trust/Escrow Account

Residential Standard Plan Electronic Submittal Process

Log into the Citizens Access Portal, Select Building, and then Apply for Permits. Select STANDARD PLAN as the Permit Type. Complete the intake forms and upload the following signed and sealed REQUIRED plan/document types. See the standard plan checklist for specific sheets required. Your submittal will not be allowed without these required uploads. The following uploads are required:

The following plan types should be uploaded separately as the plan type of the same name
  • Architectural Plans
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Electrical Load Calculations
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Energy Calculations
  • Structural plans
  • Structural calculations
  • Truss calculations (not required at submittal, but prior to final approval)
  • Landscape plans
  • Utility plan
  • Soils Report
  • Tentative Map
The following plan/document types should be uploaded with the following Plan Type naming convention:

Staff will contact you if additional information is required when we review your submittal.

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