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About Us

Laughlin, just 90 miles south of Las Vegas, evokes images of casinos on the river reflecting bright lights.  Fortunate are those who have discovered the homespun side of our community and its award-winning activity center, parks, schools, recreational opportunities, and a variety of family services and events.

Laughlin is an unincorporated town within Clark County, lying on the borders of Arizona and California along the Colorado River.  The town is governed by the County Commission receiving advice from the elected Laughlin Town Advisory Board (TAB).  The Laughlin TAB meets regularly at 1:30 p.m., on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month and on the last Tuesday when there are zoning issues to be discussed.  It is home to over 10,500 residents, and its principal growth comes from tourism created by the Laughlin resorts and the production of hydroelectricity created by Davis Dam.

Laughlin's ability to attract up to two (2) million visitors a year allows the area to keep pace with the rest of Nevada in generating tax revenues. Tourism is the primary contributor for services and assistance to the residential community. More than a quarter of a billion dollars has been invested by Clark County in water and wastewater facilities, roads, parks, public facilities, and other infrastructure needs. Another $35 million in recreational assets in the forms of trails, trail heads, an impressive day use park area and fishing nodes along the river have been added to Laughlin's landscape. The area is known as the North Reach of the Colorado River Heritage Greenway Trail system and greatly expands outdoor adventures. The main thoroughfare, Casino Drive, has undergone more than $15 million in rehabilitation. 

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