Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team (SWEPT)

Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team (SWEPT)

Clark County SWEPT (Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team) is a specialized anti-trash task force dedicated to protecting our environment and the health and safety of our community. The Solid Waste Environmental Protection Team is funded in part through a grant from Republic Services of Southern Nevada.

Our teams goal is to improve our neighborhoods and preserve the beauty of our desert lands by fighting illegal dumping and eliminating trash disposal violations which plague our vacant properties, roadways and alleyways.

You can help our SWEPT team crack down on illegal desert dumping and disposal.  Protect your neighborhood by reporting illegal dumping, junk cars or other unusual accumulations of trash and debris. Citizens are encouraged to call the Clark County Public Response Office at (702) 455-4191 or submit an online request at

To report illegal dumping anywhere in Clark County, call the Southern Nevada Health District's Environmental Health Division at (702) 759-0600 or after-hours at (702) 759-1000.

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