Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles in a Residential Area
Commercial equipment and commercial vehicles cannot be parked or kept in a residential area. Commercial equipment and vehicles must be kept a commercial location. This does not include a single commercially licensed automobile.

It is unlawful within unincorporated Clark County to:
  • Stand or Park a Commercial Vehicle within 1000’ of a Residential District
  • Stand, Park, or Store a Trailer or Recreational Vehicle on a Residential Street
  • Parking 18 Inches from the Curb
  • Stand, Park, or Store an Abandoned Vehicle on a Street or Highway
  • Stand, Park, or Store an Abandoned Vehicle on Public Property Without Permission
  • Display Vehicles For Sale on a Vacant Lot
  • Stand, Park, or Store a Mobile Billboard on a Residential Street
Violation of the codes listed above are enforced by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Constable’s Office, and the Clark County Public Response Office. Violators may be subject to citations, towing of the vehicle, or a registration hold may be placed with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

To report a Commercial Vehicle violation citizens are encouraged to call the Clark County Public Response Office at (702) 455-4191 or submit an online request at

Commercial VehicleCommercial Vehicle Commercial Vehicle

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