Misdemeanor Citations

Misdemeanor Citations

Misdemeanor citations are issued for violations of Clark County Code Title 10. If you received a misdemeanor citation, you must appear in the court. The date and time of your appearance is listed on the citation along with court appearance location. If you have concerns about attending your assigned court date, please contact that court; Clark County Animal Protection Services cannot assist you with this changing a court date. Citations are currently written for the following courts.

Las Vegas Justice Court   200 Lewis Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 671-3116 
Goodsprings Justice Court  23120 Las Vegas Blvd S. Jean, NV 89019  (702) 874-1405 
Searchlight Justice Court  1090 E Cottonwood Cove Rd. Searchlight, NV 89046  (702) 297·1252 
Moapa Valley Justice Court  320 N Moapa Valley Blvd. Overton, NV 89040   (702) 397-2840
Moapa Justice Court  1340 E Hwy 168 Moapa, NV 89025  (702) 864·2333 
Laughlin Justice Court  101 Civic Way #2 Laughlin, NV 89029  (702) 298-4622 
Bunkerville Justice Court  190 Virgin St. Bunkerville, NV 89007  (702) 346-5711

 Your initial appearance is for arraignment only. You may be required to attend more than one court date. You may also obtain an attorney to help you navigate the court system.

If you have any questions, please contact 702-455-7710.

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