Fix-It Tickets

Fix-It Tickets

Fix-it tickets are misdemeanor citations that are issued for violations of Clark County Code 10.08.132(a) Sterilization required and/or Clark County Code 10.08.080 Rabies Vaccination Required. In an effort to allow adequate time for the pet owner who received the citation to come into compliance with Clark County Code, five weeks are given to correct the violation.

Should the violation not be corrected within the allotted time frame, a mandatory court appearance is required. Should the violation(s) be corrected within the allotted time frame, copies of a current sterilization and/or rabies vaccination record must be brought to the Clark County Animal Protection Services office, located at 4701 W. Russell Rd, located inside of the Clark County Building Department. Once the record is verified, the Fix-it ticket will be voided, and the mandatory court appearance will be waived.

Vouchers for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society are provided help assist with the cost of rabies vaccinations and/or sterilization, however any licensed veterinarian may perform the procedure or administer the vaccinations.

Extensions for fix-it tickets will not be granted.

Should you have any questions, please call 702-455-7710.

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