Administrative Citations

Administrative Citations

Administrative Citation
Clark County Code Section 1.14.010 provides for the issuance of administrative citations for violation of the County Code. These fines are cumulative and citations may be issued for each day the violation exists. You are ordered to cease committing the violation cited on the front of this Citation.

How to Pay the Fine
The fine must be paid to Clark County within fifteen (15) calendar days of the issuance date. The amount of the fine is indicated on the Administrative Citation. You must pay by mail or in person at the Clark County Code Enforcement Administrative Office at 4701 W. Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118. Payment must be made by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to Clark County Treasurer's Office. Please write the citation number on the check or money order. Payment of the fine shall not excuse the failure to correct the violation nor shall it bar further enforcement action by Clark County. Payments may also be made online.  Click on the payment information tab on the left of the screen to pay online. 

Consequences of Failure to Correct the Violations
There are numerous enforcement options that can be used to encourage the correction of violations. These options include but are not limited to: civil penalties, abatement, criminal prosecution, and civil litigation. These options can empower the County to collect fines, demolish structures, make necessary repairs at the owner’s expense, or to incarcerate violators. Any of these options or others may be used if the administrative citations do not achieve compliance.

Contesting the Citation
Anyone issued an administrative citation may request a supervisor review verbally or in writing. This request must be received within five (5) days of the issuance date of the administrative citation.

Administrative citations may also be contested by completing an Administrative Citation Hearing Request form and returning it to the County within fifteen (15) days from the date of the citation along with a deposit of the fine amount. Request for hearing forms are available at the Clark County Code Enforcement Office. Upon timely receipt of a properly completed form and deposit, the County shall set a date for a hearing before a Hearing Officer. The deposit requirement may be waived upon proof of indigency with a showing of income at or below 125% of the poverty guidelines or receipt of impoverishment benefits including but not limited to EBT, SSI or TANF. Failure to request a hearing within the prescribed timeframe shall constitute a waiver of the right to an administrative hearing and adjudication of the administrative citation or any portion thereof and the total amount of the fine.

Failure to pay the Fine
Failure to pay the specified amount may result in the debt being sent to collections, a tax lien being placed on the property, and/or as a special assessment on the tax roll. Unpaid assessments may result in the property being sold after three years by the County Assessor’s Office.

For Liens that have been placed on the Tax Roll you will need to contact the Clark County Treasurer 702-455-4323.

For further information, please call:
Animal Protective Services: (702) 455-7710

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