Guiding Values and Principles

Guiding Values and Principles

Clark County's Mission:
To provide responsible, progressive, and results-oriented government that is responsive, accessible, and accountable to our citizens, ensuring their right to cost-effective and open government.

Our Commitment to Our Citizens and Fellow Employees:
Top-quality service provided by community-focused professionals dedicated to demonstrating and promoting the following Guiding Values and Principles:

Dedicating ourselves to the betterment of the community to make a difference.

Honoring the public's trust. We demonstrate trustworthiness and ethics in behavior. We are loyal to the organization, our colleagues, ourselves and the community. We make decisions that are best for customers and the organization, disregarding what is best for us personally. We set aside personal opinions and biases. We preserve the integrity of service delivery, avoiding the perception of playing favorites.

Demonstrating professionalism in everything we do and conducting ourselves with dignity as County employees. We treat every individual with dignity. We are open to diversity of opinion and perceptions that are different than our own. We honor the value every employee brings to the whole. We recognize the value of every customer, client, citizen, tourist as a human being.

We hold ourselves and others responsible for performance and behavior, without stonewalling or blaming. We make decisions that are fiscally sound, as if the funds were our own. We remember that time is money and avoid the misuse or perception of misuse of time.

We strive to make a difference through our jobs and roles in the County. We establish priorities that are results-oriented and have clear value in the eyes of the stakeholders. We see business through the eyes of our customers. We are personally engaging and behave in a way that engages others.

We are committed to finding solutions. Empowering employees, leading by serving others, and identifying shared goals.


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