Disclosure Statements

Disclosure Statements


Pursuant to Clark County Code Section 2.42.020 (2), before acting on any matter, a County Commissioner must disclose to the County Commission any potential conflict of interest. In deciding whether to disclose and abstain, the County Commissioner may seek the advice of the Clark County District Attorney's Office. However, the decision of whether to disclose and abstain remains the responsibility of the County Commissioner.

If a County Commissioner has a disclosure on one or more items of conflict, the County Commissioner must complete and submit a disclosure statement to the County Manager's Office. To submit a disclosure, please download and complete this form or submit using the electronic version

If you have any questions regarding these forms, contact Kathleen Walpole in the County Manager's Office at

Michael Naft, Commission District A

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Commission District B

Ross Miller, Commission District C

William McCurdy II, Commission District D

Tick Segerblom, Commission District E

Justin Jones, Commission District F

James B. Gibson, Commission District G

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