Other Business License Forms

Other Business License Forms
Required Forms for Other Types of Business Licenses, Permits and Registrations

The Clark County Code provides guidelines for changes to existing business licenses. Changes would include, but are not limited to, adding licenses, adding lines of service, changes to location, name, mailing address, officer changes, and ownership changes of 99% or less. Ownership changes of 100% will require a new license. 
Change Form Packet Submit the completed Change Form Packet and fees required to make changes to a business location, business name, mailing address, officer changes, ownership changes or adding a line of service. Please review the Checklist for Application for Change of Business License found on the first page of the Change Form Packet to complete the requirements for submission. Incomplete documentation for change requests will be returned.
Change Forms for TNC Drivers For any change of address for TNC drivers, an Application for Change of Address for TNC Drivers is required. 
Apartment Designated Manager Form Completion of the Designated Manager Form is required. Business must designate an on-site manager who has primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of an apartment house, including such activities as negotiating lease and rental terms, managing lease and rental transactions, maintaining accounting records, and overseeing building and grounds maintenance.
Complaint Form  All complaints must be received in writing. The complaint form contains all the information we need to investigate a complaint including a return address and a fax number. Complaints may also be submitted online. 
CONTRACTORS - Multi-Jurisdictional License - Notification and Acknowledgement of Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction Form The Notification and Acknowledgement of Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction form must be used by contractors when their business location changes from one participating jurisdiction (Clark County, Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas) to another. This form will be used by the participating jurisdictions to transfer control of your license to the new Primary Jurisdiction.
Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) Form Need to file a Fictitious Firm Name? Read about the County Clerk requirements if you plan to officially "name" your business. There is some excellent information for you on their website and you will have all the information you need to file your fictitious firm name. This form needs to be filed prior to applying for a Business License.
Incidental Activity Permit Application The Incidental Activity Permit Application is used by supper clubs to request live entertainment at the establishment.  Per Clark County Code, a supper club must first obtain a permit prior to offering any live entertainment, which includes, but is not limited to, the performance of acts, music, speech, dance, acrobatics, disc jockeys, karaoke, or display. Visit our Liquor and Gaming Forms page for more information.
Out of Business Form Complete the Out of Business Form to notify Clark County Business License that your business is no longer operating.
Public Works Form For businesses with signs on vehicles in the public right-of-way and pickups and deliveries off routes, a Public Works Form is required. Clark County Code Section 14.10.010 establishes restriction on the size and types of displays that may appear on vehicles. Clark County Code Section 14.46.040 restricts commercial vehicles on certain streets within Clark County including Las Vegas Boulevard.
Request for Duplicate License Form Obtaining a duplicate license can be accomplished by completing the Request for Duplicate License Form. License reprint fee is $5.00.
Request for Public Records Form Request for Public Records can be obtained by completing the Public Records Request Form.
Request for Refund Form Request for monies to be refunded can be accomplished by completing the Request for Refund Form.
Request to Surrender General Business License Form Surrender of your general business license can be accomplished by completing the Request to Surrender Business License Form.
Rodeo - Application for Rodeo Permit For rodeo events, a Temporary - Rodeo Permit is issued. The Application for Rodeo Permit must be completed by the applicant and submitted with the application package. Click here for more information about Special Events.
Vendor Registration If you are doing business with Clark County, University Medical Center (UMC), Department of Aviation (DOA), or Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) bid, RFP, or RFQ, you will be required to complete the Vendor Registration form.
ADA Section 504 Request for Accommodation Form The ADA Section 504 Request for Accommodation Form is used to request reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities in an effort to ensure that there are no barriers to County services, programs, or activities. 
ADA Section 504 Complaint Form To file a complaint alleging a failure of access to our services, programs or activities, use our interactive ADA Section 504 Complaint Form, for your convenience. 

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