Department of Business License Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "business"?

Why do I need a business license?

What is ´Unincorporated' Clark County'?

Why do I need to check the Jurisdiction Locator, to apply for a business license?

I conduct business in different cities surrounding Las Vegas. Is one license enough to conduct my business in different parts of the Valley?

How can I check to see if a particular business is licensed?

How do I know which category of license to obtain?

What are the requirements for a Clark County Business License?

What forms do I complete to obtain a business license?

How long will it take to get my business license?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Do I have to make an appointment?

How do I obtain a fictitious firm name?

How can I report changes to my existing business license?

Change Forms

How do I close my business?

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