Massage & Reflexology

Massage & Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology
Massage and reflexology licenses are regulated licenses within unincorporated Clark County to best protect public health and safety. Obtaining a massage or reflexology license, either as an independent therapist or as an owner of an establishment, is a multi-step process. Please see the information below with checklists, an overview of the application process, and application packets for your convenience. 

Massage and Reflexology Related Business License Types

Application Process:
  1. Verify your business will be located in unincorporated Clark County. 
    • Visit our Jurisdiction Locator Tool, enter in the location address of the proposed business establishment. Other jurisdictions are color-coded on the map and will be provided next to the address in red text if you are not in unincorporated Clark County.
    • If opening an establishment, a Special Use Permit will be required depending on the location’s zoning district. Please contact Zoning for more information
  2. Register your business with, and obtain your, State Business License from the Nevada Secretary of State.
  3. Be able to provide your professional license.
    • If operating as a licensed massage therapist, or reflexologist, please ensure you have a copy of your professional license from the State Board of Massage Therapy.
  4. Register your Fictitious Firm Name, ("DBA")
    • Businesses operating under a fictitious firm name (doing business as any name other than the business owner’s legal name, or the corporate entity name registered with the Nevada Secretary of State) must file for a Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) with the Clark County Clerk’s office.
  5. Choose your application packet from links at bottom of this page, complete, and submit for processing:
    • Our application packets provide checklists and guidelines to assist in a producing a complete application for submittal.
    • Complete the application packet for your business and provide all required documentation for the license application.
      • Applications for Independent Massage Therapists and/ or Reflexologists may be completed online
      • Applications for an establishment requires an appointment with Business License Technician. Visit our Appointment Services page for more information about making an appointment. 
  6. Pay Fees
    • All fees for initial application are listed on the appropriate checklist in each application packet. Applications require a non-refundable application fee of $45.00 plus any associated licensing fees based on licensing category.
    • Renewal fees for a license vary by category. For more information, please visit Billing & Payments.
  7. After Submitting an Application
    • The application will be processed and sent electronically to the Comprehensive Planning Department for review and approval within 5 working days from the date of processing.
    • Applications will then be sent to the Fire Prevention Department, except for home occupation applications, and any other public safety agency depending upon your business activities.
    • All regulated license applications require:
      • Individual background investigations (which may take a significant period of time)
      • If necessary, you may request for a temporary license while the background investigation is being conducted. Information about how to do this is included in your application packet.
      • On-site inspections by public safety agencies.
      • A code conference with a Business License Agent prior to being issued a license. 
    • If the Business License Agents, and all partner public safety agencies, determine that you meet the license requirements, your application will be ready for final approval by the Director. 
  8. Director's Approval
    • Upon approval by the Director of Business License, your license will be automatically sent to your business location.

Application Packets and Other Helpful Links

More Information about Background Investigations
The licensing process will include a criminal background investigation conducted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department of all owners with 10% or more ownership interest in the business and a financial suitability investigation conducted by the Department of Business License. Prior to the completion of the financial suitability investigation, the Department may issue a temporary license to allow the business to operate pending completion of the criminal background investigation(s). 

More Information about Complete Application Expectations

Please do not leave any fields blank. If the section is not applicable, please indicate N/A in the field. Incomplete applications will be returned with no refund on application fees. Due to personal information contained within your application packet, applications for a massage, reflexology, and/ or cosmetology establishment can only be processed at an appointment with a Business License Technician. As of June 2022, applications for massage, reflexology, and/ or cosmetology establishments will no longer be processed if dropped off to the office or submitted by mail. Visit our Contact Us page to reach out with any questions.

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