A Step-By-Step Guide to a Liquor & Gaming License

A Step-By-Step Guide to a Liquor & Gaming License

Welcome to Clark County Department of Business License. We are happy to assist you with the licensing process, provide the best possible customer service, and meet all of your business plan needs.   

What Type of Business License Do I Need?  How Much Are the Fees?    

License fees are based upon services and activities provided. Business license fees are accompanied by a one-time $45.00 application fee in addition to each license feeMultiple licenses may be required if providing more than one service.

In order to determine the type of license and corresponding fees of your business, click on picture below: 
List of License Categories and Fees

Please complete all the steps prior to submitting your application. 
*** Incomplete applications will be terminated with no refund on application fees. ***


You can also use the interactive jurisdictional look-up web map to find your jurisdiction.  The primary location of your business determines the jurisdiction in which you must file for your business license. Clark County, Nevada is comprised of 6 jurisdictions, each with its own licensing agency. Use the Jurisdiction Locator to help you identify your business’ licensing jurisdiction.  Please be aware that a large portion of the Las Vegas valley has a Las Vegas mailing address but is located in unincorporated Clark County.
 Click on the map below:
Jurisdictional Map
The five other business licensing agencies in Clark County, NV are:                                       
The City of Hendersonthe City of Las Vegasthe City of North Las VegasBoulder City and the City of Mesquite

Determine Jurisdiction and Land Use:
To confirm if the business address is located within the unincorporated Clark County jurisdiction, the type of business activities permitted by zoning district, and for information regarding online land use application submittals; please visit Comprehensive Planning.  For more information, you can email them at  or contact a planner by phone at (702) 455-4314.    

I conduct business in different cities surrounding Las Vegas. Is one license enough to conduct my business in different parts of the Valley?

If your business location is based in a particular city outside of Unincorporated Clark County, but you travel into the County to conduct business, a Clark County business license may be required in addition to your City business license. Once your primary license is in place, we will be able to assist in processing your Clark County application.  Complete Steps 1-5 to acquire a County business license. 

To verify your primary jurisdiction, please use the Jurisdiction Locator.  


 NRS 76 requires all business, corporations, and partnerships operating in the state of Nevada to register  have a state business license. Please visit the Secretary of State’s website for more information.  You may apply and register online at


 You can now register online by visiting the Nevada Department of Taxation website or apply at together with your entity and state license filing.


 Businesses operating under a fictitious firm name/doing business as (any name other than the business owner’s legal name, or the corporate entity name registered with the Nevada Secretary of State) must file for a Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) with the Clark County Clerk’s Office. You can find the form online here.  

Please Note: The owner name on the Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) Certificate must exactly match the Entity Name displayed on your Nevada State Business License.  It is recommended that you take a copy of your Nevada State Business License with you when you apply with the Clerks Office.  Visit the Clerk's office for location and hours of operation.

See example of a Certificate of Fictitious Firm Name and Nevada Secretary of State business license of a Sole Proprietor filing below:     

 Certificate of Business: Fictitious Firm Name Sample:
FFN Sample

Nevada State Business License Sample:
SOS Sample
Note: A Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) is the name your business will use when advertising, including on store front, signs, business cards, websites, etc.  Advertising under more than one name, will require multiple business licenses. 

Required LIQUOR AND GAMING BUSINESS Application Forms

All applicants for a Privileged Business License must complete the application and investigation forms and provide the supplemental documentation and business license and investigation fees as follows:

Instructions, Checklist, and All Forms
Form Name Description
Clark County Business License Application Form The Clark County Business License Application Form is the first document required for all privileged business license applications submitted to our office.  
Privileged Business License Instructions, Checklist and Forms List To start the application process, read the privileged business license instructions. Return the completed checklist with your application packet. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE ALL THE REQUIRED FORMS ANDSUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTATION AS OUTLINED IN THE CHECKLIST AS INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. 
Application for Alcoholic Liquor License The Application for Alcoholic Liquor License is required for all applicants for a liquor license in the unincorporated areas of Clark County (not within city licensing jurisdictions). If you do not know if your business location is in the jurisdiction of the Clark County Department of Business License, you may refer to the Jurisdiction Locator.
Application for Gaming License This three (3) page Application for Gaming License is required for all applicants for a gaming license in the unincorporated areas of Clark County (only the first page is required for gaming locations within incorporated city licensing jurisdictions).
Request for Temporary Liquor/Gaming License Form The proposed new owner of an established, licensed, and operating business with a liquor license may request the Department of Business License to issue a Temporary Liquor/Gaming License to protect the goodwill of the business with their existing clientele.
Business Supplemental Questionnaire (BSQ) The Business Supplemental Questionnaire must also be completed. It is used it to provide information about the business entity, ownership, officers, source of funds, and other information relevant to the investigation process. BE SURE TO PROVIDE ALL THE SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTATION AS OUTLINED IN THIS QUESTIONNAIRE AS INCOMPLETE DOCUMENTATION CAN RESULT IN APPLICATION PROCESSING DELAYS.
Floor Plan An interior diagram or floor plan of your business on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper is required.
  • Indicate the total size of location in square feet and the total number of restaurant and bar seats.
  • Include location of store room, cash register, slot machines, restrooms, kitchen, dining tables, bar, etc. including location and description of physical barriers between restaurant/ dining areas and any bar/ lounge areas.
Personal History Form Each applicant for a privileged business license will be required to complete a Personal History Form (PHF) detailing their personal history; including personal references, legal history, family connections and history, and past residence information. This form requires notarized signatures in several places.
LVMPD Authorization to Release Information Forms Two (2) original, signed and notarized Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Authorization to Release Information forms are required.
Personal Financial Questionnaire Each owner with ten (10) percent or more financial interest in the licensee must complete and provide the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Personal Financial Questionnaire (PFQ) with notarized signatures (one (1) original and one (1) copy). Provide documents showing source and availability of your personal funds invested and loan documents, if applicable. Documentation of secured funding must be available at the time of application. Letters of Intent will not be accepted and will delay the processing of your application. Two (2) copies of the applicant’s past three (3) years of federal income tax filings and last three (3) months of bank statements are required for each person required to file this form.
Corporate Financial Questionnaire Any privileged businesses that are owned by an entity registered with the Nevada Secretary of State will be required to complete the Corporate Financial Questionnaire (CFQ) form detailing the financial history, including bank accounts, investments and past income tax information. This form requires notarized signatures in several places. A copy of the entities' past three (3) years of federal income tax filings and last three (3) months of bank statements are required to be attached to this form.
LVMPD (Metro) Application Memo/ Instructions Click here to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Records and Fingerprint Bureau page for information regarding fingerprinting and work card requirements.


List of License Categories and Fees
Find the type of license and corresponding application and license fees for your business. 

Liquor Summary
The Liquor License Summary Information provides the main types of businesses and accompanying liquor licenses available to those businesses in a two (2) page handout.
Gaming Summary
The Gaming License Summary information provides the main types of businesses and accompanying gaming licenses available to those businesses in a two (2) page handout. 
Key Employee Forms
Key Employees (individuals who have the power to exercise a significant influence over decisions concerning any part of the operation of a liquor and gaming establishment) must fill out these forms. You will be redirected to the Key Employee Forms page.

Liquor and Gaming Miscellaneous Forms
You will be redirected to the Liquor and Gaming Miscellaneous Forms page. This page includes the following: 
                    Application/Permit for Alcoholic Beverage Tasting 
                    City Jurisdiction Gaming Application 
                    Gaming Location Suitability 
                    Liquor and Gaming Location Suitability 
                    Liquor Caterer Event Permit 
                    Liquor Location Suitability 
                    LVMPD Investigation Referral for Adult Entertainment Cabaret 
                    Request for Temporary Liquor License 
                    Special Event Permit 
                    Transfer of Interest Among Licensees            


To schedule an appointment, please call (702) 455-4125 or you may mail in your completed application using the directions below. 

Clark County Department of Business License
500 S. Grand Central Pkwy
3rd Floor
BOX 551810
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155

Steps one (1) through five (5) must be completed prior to mailing in your application. ***Applications cannot be submitted online.***

Due to personal information contained within your application and to ensure the packet is received by our office, we recommend tracking your package through USPS certified mail or another parcel service that provides tracking. The Business License Department is not responsible for lost mail items that do not have tracking confirmation. 

If you have any questions about the online application, you may email us at or call us at (702) 455-4125 between 7:30 am and 5:00pm Monday through Thursday. Our offices are closed on Fridays.                                                                                                              
Incomplete applications will be terminated with no refund on application fees.

What to Expect After Submitting an Application

Privileged license applications mostly require individual background investigations, code conferences with Business License Special Agents, and inspections by public safety agencies. A Temporary liquor license may be requested while the investigation is being conducted.

Upon submission of a completed application and payment of fees, the application will be processed and sent electronically to the Comprehensive Planning Department for review and approval within five (5) working days from the date of processing. 

Your application will then be sent to the Southern Nevada Health District, the Fire Prevention Department and any other public safety agency depending upon your business activities.

Director's Approval
Provided our Business License Agents and all partner public safety agencies determine that you meet the license requirements, your application will be ready for final approval by the Director.  Upon approval by the Director of Business License, your license will be automatically sent to your business location.  

You are now ready to operate your business!  Thank you for allowing us to serve you and we wish you continued success!

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