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Liquor and Gaming business licenses are “privileged” licenses, which require a finding that the applicant or applicants are suitable prior to the issuance of the license. The suitability of an applicant is determined by the results of criminal background and financial investigations that are completed by the Department and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Currently, the Department processes approximately 100 to 150 applications per month including applications for liquor licenses for taverns, supper clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, drug stores and gift stores; applications for gaming licenses at resort hotels, taverns, convenience stores, drug stores and gift stores, as well as, applications for key employees at liquor and gaming establishments, changes in ownership of existing businesses, changes in business structures including reorganizations, restructures and bankruptcies.

The application process begins when a complete application is submitted to the Department. Liquor and Gaming Specialists see applicants by appointment. A temporary license, if requested by the applicant, constitutes a “privilege within a privilege” in that it allows for the applicant to operate as a privileged licensee prior to the completion of the due diligence process. The Department will issue a temporary license after it has conducted a preliminary determination of suitability, including preliminary financial and criminal background checks, location suitability and approval of public safety inspections. Due diligence requires 90 to 120 days to make a determination on a temporary license request depending upon the completion of the application and the cooperation of the applicant. It is important to emphasize that this “privilege within a privilege” applies only to those applications that require expedience for the purpose of maintaining goodwill, clientele, and assets of a licensed and operating liquor establishment in accordance with Clark County Code 8.20.040.

The Liquor and Gaming Licensing staff is available to answer questions and help guide applicants through the process. Please call the Liquor and Gaming Line at (702) 455-4125 and leave us a message. We will return your call within two (2) business days.

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