General Business

General Business

General Business Licensing Division

A "General Business License" is a license that does not usually require a background investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Some of these types of licenses may be regulated or governed by a state agency.  

“Business” means any business, commercial enterprise, trade, occupation, calling, profession, vocation or activity engaged in, conducted or carried on by any person, agent or employee for the purpose of gain, benefit or advantage, either direct or indirect. To access our step-by-step guide to a general license, click on the button below:

Step-By-Step Guide to General Licenses


No business license shall be issued or renewed by the director and/ or approved by the board unless the applicant has obtained all required public safety inspections for the business activity conducted, such as, zoning, fire, building, health, air quality, animal control or an(y) other inspection, license, certificate or permits for the profession, occupation, or business.

It is unlawful for any person, firm, association, partnership or corporation, to commence, carry on, engage in or continue (including the making of deliveries of goods, wares, and merchandise sold elsewhere) in the county, outside the incorporated cities and towns, both within and without unincorporated cities and towns, any business, trade, occupation or employment upon which a license tax is imposed by the terms and provisions of Titles 6, 7 or 8 and for which a license tax is required to be procured by the terms of Titles 6, 7 or 8 without first paying such license tax and procuring such license as hereinafter provided.

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