Franchise Consumer Complaints

Franchise Consumer Complaints

Franchise Consumer Complaints
If you have an issue or a complaint with one of the service providers included in the list of franchisees and licensees and have been unable to resolve the issue with the service provider, Franchise Services will mediate and try to reach an acceptable resolution with the company. Some issues are beyond our authority, such as utility service rates that are regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Nevada, and cable television or video service channel lineups.

Franchise Services does not include:
  • “franchises” for restaurants, retail or other national operations
  • connection/disconnection, change of services, waiving fees or making adjustments to accounts for any of the franchisees. You will need to contact the franchisee directly.

Disputes with Video Service Providers
In 2007, the Nevada State Legislature preempted local government’s authority to issue or renew cable television franchise agreements. Now, video service providers, as they are referred to by state law, must obtain a Certificate of Authority from the Nevada Secretary of State. State law requires the local governments to still accept consumer complaints and try to resolve them with the service provider.

How to Submit a Complaint
If you have previously contacted the franchisee regarding your request or complaint and have been unable to resolve the issue, you have options to submit a complaint to our division:

  • Submit a complaint using our online form.
  • Complete this form.
  • Cox Communications, and other video service provider, complaints may be directed to the Clark County Consumer Information Line at 702-455-8888.

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