Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Franchise Services Division Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a franchise as it pertains to licensing?
A franchise is an arrangement or an agreement granted by the County authorizing a particular business the use of public property or services in order to provide services for the good of the public for a fee. Examples of such services are trash collection, ambulance service, telephone service, electric and natural gas services, etc. The franchise agreement may require certain performance standards to be met to keep the agreement active.
How do I find out if I need a franchise agreement for my business and, if I do, what do I do?
If your business operations fall into one of the nine categories listed on the Franchise Services Main Page, contact us at or (702) 455-6186 to learn more about when a franchise agreement in these cases many necessary and what the process is if such an agreement is needed. 
Business franchises, such as restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, etc., that are strictly a commercial venture and do not include the use of County rights-of-way should be directed to our main number (702) 455-0174.
What utilities are licensed and how do their operations differ from a traditional business regarding licensure?
Several years ago, Nevada state law established provisions for the collection of taxes from its customers for the benefit of local government entities. The utilities that are included in this are: providers and resellers of telephone, electric, natural gas, personal wireless and cable television services. Generally, only businesses physically located within the unincorporated areas of the County, or that enter the unincorporated areas of the County to perform their services or sell goods, require a license from our Department. Utilities, however, must be licensed with our Department and collect and remit fees according to our Code if they sell, resell, or otherwise provide services to a customer located within the unincorporated areas of the County.
What are the fees that the utilities may charge their customers in the County?
As of Jan. 1, 2022, the current fees that the utilities must charge their customers are as follows: 

Service Fee Structure
Telephone Services 5% of intrastate charges
Electric Services 5% of total charges
Natural Gas Services 5% of total charges
Personal Wireless Services 5% of the first $15 per month for each access line.
What are hazardous material (HAZMAT) businesses and what makes them different?
Certain types of businesses may manufacture, store, or use chemicals of a type and quantity that warrant special requirements. These types of businesses may require a permit from other County departments such as the Fire Department or the Building Department. If you have questions regarding your business activities concerning HAZMAT licensing requirements, please contact our division at (702) 455-6186 or

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