Cannabis Establishments

Cannabis Establishments

Cannabis Establishments
Applicants for cannabis stores, cultivation and production facilities, independent cannabis testing facilities, and cannabis distributors must have a valid license from the State of Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) and zoning approval from Clark County's Department of Comprehensive Planning. Cannabis support businesses are privileged business licenses, and while not licensed by the CCB some regulations still apply. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp business licenses are general licenses and are not regulated under the same statutes as cannabis.

Application Process: 
  1. Read the instructions for a cannabis establishment.
  2. Choose the correct packet for your licensing application and complete all included forms: 
  3. Zoning/ Land Use:
  4. Submitting your application: 
    • Once you've gathered all necessary documentation and completed the appropriate application, please make an appointment with our licensing specialists to provide all documentation. 
    • Appointments for cannabis establishments can only be made by calling 702-455-6562 or via email at
      • Note: Appointments for cannabis-related licenses cannot be made using our online appointment system.

Need to make a change to your license?
  1. Choose the correct packet below and complete all included forms:
  2. Return form to licensing specialists either via mail or email to


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