Business License Audit Division

Business License Audit Division

Business License Audit Division

Who conducts audits for the Department of Business License?

Our auditors are trained financial professionals knowledgeable of the business license laws, accounting systems and practices and our Clark County business community. Auditors are evaluated on their knowledge of accounting, business license taxes, and audit techniques, as well as their productivity and communication skills. Auditors are never evaluated based on the amount of taxes and/or fees recovered during an audit.

Why are audits necessary? 
Conducting audits is important to the public interest and the efficient administration of the self-assessed business license taxes and fees. Audits:

  • Help ensure that taxes and fees are administered in a fair and uniform manner throughout the business community
  • Provide businesses with enhanced understanding of the business license laws
  • Assist businesses in more accurately self-assess taxes and fees and better comply with the business license regulations
  • Often result in the early detection of matters requiring attention or correction by a business before they become a more significant problem

It is always our desire to conduct audits in a professional and courteous fashion with minimum disruption to businesses and their accounting activities. We also strive to keep businesses well informed about their audits and the audit process.

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